Since 2007, Biolux has specialised in LED-based phototherapy using photomodulation, a biotechnology innovation that will revolutionise skin and hair treatments.
Biolux’s photomodulation technology provides custom solutions:
– for providing dermatology treatments and
– for improving skin texture and quality in surgical and medical aesthetic applications.


Photomodulation uses Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to stimulate biological tissues such as skin.
Biolux photomodulation is adapted and specifically calibrated to stimulate and regenerate skin from the epidermis through the dermis. Biolux technology restores and improves skin texture and quality, working on skin texture, flexibility, elasticity, volume, thickness and brightness.

This technology has many advantages:
– Long-term skin quality

Photomodulation improves skin over the long term, working on:

  • texture
  • flexibility
  • elasticity
  • texture
  • volume
  • thickness
  • brightness
  • and treating skin conditions like acne, inflammation, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and more.

– Scientifically-proven results 

Our approach is based on medical research and the medical profession, ensuring its quality and safety.

– No health risks

Our treatments and devices do not present any health risks. Photomodulation produces natural skin rejuvenation and is non-invasive and painless (uses no UV rays or infrared radiation, known for their role in causing skin burns and cancer).


Since it was founded, Biolux has focused on innovation by establishing an exclusive partnership with INSERM (the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research) at the INM (Institute for Neurosciences of Montpellier).
Our research and development is based on four focus areas: regeneration, inflammation, healing and pain treatment.
Our research is focused on the future and we continue to develop ambitious research programmes on non-invasive pain treatment for professional and home use.


Our devices and treatments have been tested and evaluated around the world,
earning three certifications, one patent and seven regulatory approvals.


From Research to Real-Life Application
Our expertise and partnerships have allowed us to adapt LED stimulation to various foundational research models.
In vivo testing: Results obtained on the cellular level are validated on an integrated model following pre-clinical investigations.
In vitro study: An in vitro study conducted on sensory neuron growth showed accelerated neuron growth when stimulated by LEDs.
Clinical study : An international clinical study was conducted in partnership with a Brazilian team to evaluate the effect photomodulation has on scars.
Case study : This study combined photomodulation with LEDs with a serum to quickly reduce signs of skin ageing. *Case study conducted by Dr Vigneron and presented at the SECLARM conference in 2014.

Biolux—your health and beauty partner.