BioluxTM photomodulation uses the power of light between 400 and 850 nm to stimulate cell activity.
This gentle, easy-to-use technology has the following benefits:

  • Non-thermal
  • Non-invasive
  • No side effects
  • Pain free

The wide range of 21 treatments available on the LUXe ProTM device can be used on various conditions that occur frequently (rosacea, stretch marks, scars, etc.).
Photomodulation can be used alone or with other professional techniques.
When used by itself, several sessions are needed before any results will be visible.

Contrary to treatments using lasers or flash lamps (pulsed light), photomodulation has no thermal effects. As a result, it does not cause damage (burns, redness, etc.) after treatment.

Protocols available on the LUXe ProTM device are generally used 5 or 10 cm from the area you are treating.
The working distance for each protocol is indicated in the LUXe ProTM protocol catalogue and on the product’s user interface (iPad and app included).
To make product positioning easier, LUXe ProTM also has a distance sensor.

Yes, we strongly recommended removing make-up and cleansing and drying the treatment area before using LUXe ProTM on the skin.
Applying a cosmetic product before the session is discouraged because it can reduce the light’s effectiveness or cause side effects.

Yes, you can use cosmetic products on the area treated after the session to enhance results.

No, we do not recommend combining several treatments on the same area in a single session. This can reduce the photomodulation treatment’s effectiveness.

Yes, photomodulation is compatible with various injections.
However, we do recommend you verify there are no phototoxicity risks with the injected products before any use.
You can start a photomodulation treatment one week after injection to enhance the results through combined effects.

We strongly recommend you follow the instructions given for each protocol to maximise the treatment’s effectiveness.
Reducing the number of sessions per week means it will take longer for visible results to appear.
However, we do not recommend increasing the number of sessions, so that treatment effects are not blocked.

Sun exposure after BioluxTM photomodulation is not discouraged.
However, patients should still take the normal precautions related to sun exposure.

The device does not emit any UV rays.
Protective glasses are recommended so that the patient is not bothered by the light. We strongly recommend they be worn at each session.

Our devices are tested and have received CE Medical approval. They present no risks related to blue light.
In addition, our glasses are adapted to filter blue light for complete safety.

In general, Biolux photomodulations can be used on all bodies and on all skin types.
Photomodulation’s contraindications are the following:

  • Do not use on anyone with epilepsy
  • Do not use on anyone who is pregnant (or only use after consulting the patient’s physician)
  • Do not use on anyone who is taking a treatment that makes skin sensitive to light (i.e. causes photosensitivity)
  • Except by medical prescription, do not surpass the number of treatments indicated in the usage parameters

If in doubt, seek medical advice.

Our devices are designed to address specific problems.
The LUXe Pro device provides more treatment options than the home care devices because they emit five wavelengths. This combination enables professionals to complete the same treatments as the home care devices and provide treatments that the home care range does not (for conditions such as stretch marks, scars, rosacea, inflammation, etc.).
Home care devices are calibrated with three wavelengths to provide three to four treatments for specific problems: anti-ageing, acne and hair loss.
Combining these two types of device can provide faster results and better patient care.

Office treatments target acute problems and offer optimal results.
Home care devices are designed to prevent and care for specific problems linked to skin ageing (AgeLight), blemishes (SpotLight) and hair loss (HairLight).
Using these treatments helps keep skin healthy.