We commit to continued exchanges with our users and researchers. Our SwissEngineered label allows Biolux to expand our research programmes in partnership with our consultant network and offer an evolving catalogue of effective treatments.

Strengthening Our Expertise

Biolux actively participates in improving our technology to adapt to changes in the medical field.
We aspire to improve long-term health through photomodulation treatments.
We commit to meeting patients’ needs by developing innovative treatment approaches.

SwissEngineered Network

Our strategy relies on the trust between physicians and their patients to develop new treatments through innovative approaches to clinical research.
We collaborate to holistically develop innovative custom treatments with our partners:

  • Clinic Lémanic : For 20 years, Clinic Lémanic’s medical director Dr Véronique Emmenegger, as well as her colleagues, have put their expertise to use for medical progress.
    Clinic Lémanic, a leader in aesthetic medicine, has one of the largest technical departments in Europe and has earned international recognition through avant-garde medical solutions and a wide range of exclusive and innovative programmes.


  • Laclinic Montreux : Montreux
    LaClinic is an exceptional site that includes top-notch surgical, medical, regenerative and cosmetic specialities. It offers unique expertise relying on the latest advances in medicine and aesthetic surgery. Our cooperation with physicians and clinics helps us develop custom cutting-edge medical photomodulation protocols.