LUXe Pro™ is a photomodulation device designed for professionals.

LUXe proPhotomodulation

To successfully activate the targeted biological mechanisms, photomodulation requires that all stimulation parameters be effectively managed. These parameters are

  1. wavelengths
  2. optical intensity
  3. Illumination area
  4. exposure time

LUXe Pro is controlled by a touch tablet for 10 to 15 minutes pre-set treatments targeting specific skin problems.

How does it work?

Select your treatment on the LUXe Pro™ tablet. The distance and treatment length are pre-programmed, so all you have to do is position the sensor and start the treatment.

  1. Select from 21 pre-set treatment protocols (link to 21 treatments page)
  2. Manage up to five LUXe Pro devices
  3. Save time and hassle with hands-free treatments
  4. Create a photo library using the interface to track each patient’s treatment

Why Choose BIOLUX?

Biolux Certification and Training
We believe education and training provide the understanding technicians need to successfully administer treatments. By joining the Biolux community, you will gain access to ongoing technical and scientific training, workshops and open-house events.
Biolux Services

  • Two-year guarantee
  • Support service
  • Open-house events

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